Segun Gele, Transforming Fashion One Gele at a Time

ABOUT Segun Gele

Segun Gele was born in Nigeria and he is an entrepreneur and make-up artist who has become well-known in the fashion world for his amazing style. He highlights West African fashion and he is all about bringing headgears to another level. He is a trendsetter and a creative soul that made geles a fashion statement instead of just one more accessory. 

Transforming Fashion One Gele at a Time

Segun Gele is as authentic as it comes, pursuing the things he likes and turning his vision into reality by exploring his talent. This authenticity is what allowed him to transition from hairdresser to make-up artist, reaching a point that allowed him to open his own salon while he was still in college.

After going to America to work as a journalist and make use of his college major, Segun found himself going back to hairdressing. His road there was far from straightforward, and he had to forget who he had been in Nigeria and become an apprentice in the US. However, his people skills and ability to get out there and offer his talent led him to have an incredible breakthrough that led him to become popular in the social circles of Atlanta and Houston. He became Segun Gele, “the guy who did the gele” and he conquered all of the US with his talent. 

Segun opens up about the importance of bringing passion into business, which has helped him overcome a physical disability and continue in the industry for decades. Building an entire portion of an industry is no easy feat and he has achieved it with confidence, perseverance, and knowing the value of his work. By bringing passion into business, Segun Gele has transformed the fashion world. 

Highlights of the episode:

  • 03:21: Segun Gele’s process to transition from hairdresser to opening his salon and becoming immersed in the makeup industry.
  • 05:38: The non-existent gele industry and the influence Segun had in creating one without realizing it by just following his style ideas.
  • 10:28: Making everything about the client to achieve great results, even when it means going over the set responsibilities of a position. The importance of understanding how everything works together.
  • 14:07: What the makeup and beauty industry was like in the 90s, with few men working in salons and a growing wedding industry in Nigeria.
  • 20:50: The lack of readily available information and the struggles of arriving in the United States without the proper preparation. 
  • 27:39: When frustration mounts, right when everything seems like it’s over, a breakthrough can change everything and transform a life entirely. The consequences of seizing the opportunity.
  • 32:56: Despite a disability stemmed from poliomyelitis that left him with a bad left arm, Segun Gele didn’t let anything stop him. He works every day with his hands and he has never seen his disability as a limitant to live his life to the fullest. 
  • 46:38: The impact of economic turmoil in the beauty industry and the need to adapt and find alternatives instead of doing the job grudgingly and not providing the best service.

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