Chi-chi Ekweozor, Representing and Creating Spaces for Black Women in Tech

In this episode, Zeze interviews Chi-chi Ekweozor, a social media marketer, software engineer, and the founder of Assenty. Chi-chi talks about the very beginnings of social media and how she founded her company. Also, Zeze and Chi-Chi dive deep into why it is so important to consider representation from many different angles.

Chi-chi Ekweozor understood the potential of social media well before others did. This allowed her to acquire a unique set of skills that led her to advise large companies and create her own business early on. As she identified challenges and problems in the process of building communities and promoting interactions, she decided to create solutions for this. Eventually, Chi-chi became a very successful business owner.

In this episode, Chi-chi and Zeze talk about the representation of Black women in tech and the many aspects that can influence this. Chi-chi remarks on the importance of pursuing your ideas and being brave enough to try and reach out, connecting with others, and seizing opportunities. Chi-chi had to traverse a fascinating path that led her to see how the internet and social media have changed the world. making the most of it at every turn.

ABOUT Chi-chi Ekweozor

Chi-chi Ekweozor is a Nigerian social media marketer, front-end developer, software engineer, and the founder of Assenty, a platform that allows event organizers to interact live with their audiences. She has been working in the tech industry for the past 15 years and she was a pioneer in the world of social media marketing and tech communities.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Chi-Chi’s career in engineering and her to focus on tech.
  • How she had to adapt and develop the skills set to thrive.
  • A career as an independent musician and podcaster before podcasts became popular.
  • How Chi-chi became a social media expert before social media was a thing worldwide. 
  • The realization that there was true potential in the interactions between attendees and conference organizers and the birth of Assenty. 
  • The importance of creativity in the world of tech and how it allows for the creation of a self-sustainable business.
  • Female and African representation in tech at different levels of the industry.
  • The impact of generational wealth and experience on the success of entrepreneurs. 
  • Knowing the timing and making the most of societal changes as keys to make a business or an idea grow. 

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