Chuma Nwokolo, Transforming Nigerian Literature and Campaigning for Good Governance

Chuma Nwokolo became an advocate for others from his early years. During his first years working as a lawyer, he created a legal aid group with the goal of providing information to the public in an accessible way. His interactions with others only grew from there, including his constant interactions with his readers, his efforts to bring people closer to culture and literature, as well as his campaigning against government corruption in Nigeria.

Chuma is a groundbreaking Nigerian writer, who believes great stories can change us, and he proposes that everyone is the owner of their narrative. He also believes in taking action to see the changes he wants in the world. This is why he founded BribeCode, a campaign that looks to empower individuals to fight government corruption in Nigeria. Chuma invites people to ask questions about governance and see beyond their daily needs. He encourages others to consider the needs of others and the needs of the country, as well as to take action to promote good governance.

About Chuma Nwokolo

Chuma Nwokolo is a writer, poet, lawyer, speaker, and an anti corruption advocate. He has been prolific in his work, with numerous books and short stories published since he was still in college. Chuma is a founder of the BribeCode, a campaign that looks to eliminate government corruption in Nigeria and promote good governance.

Highlights of the episode:

  • 03:19: Chuma Nwokolo’s experience as an internally displaced person in Nigeria after the civil war.
  • 07:01: The guilt seen in survivors from war and the fortitude needed to continue and create new lives for themselves. 
  • 13:11: Chuma Nwokolo’s experience as a recently-graduated lawyer and how this led him to create a legal aid program.
  • 16:24: Chuma’s role in encouraging the public to contribute literary pieces and poems at the Ashmolean Museum.
  • 22:10: The need to thrive on conflict to be able to write in the thriller genre.
  • 23:48: Corruption in the public sector in Nigeria as one of the biggest impediments to what the country can be. 
  • 32:15: Everyone can dictate their narrative, which is something people don’t always realize.
  • 36:22: Blogging can be a type of oral tradition in which there isn’t always a commitment to the long form.
  • 40:47: The search for readers and platforms distracts writers from creating excellent work. 
  • 43:49: Chumu’s decision to become a publisher and the impact this has had on his writing.
  • 50:05: Campaigning for good government is in the best interest for everyone, even if not everyone realizes how it affects them. 
  • 57:17: Asking the good questions about governance and transforming each citizen into an anti corruption worker through the Bribecode.

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