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Abisola Omole is CEO and Creative Director of The Apartment Global Group. Her creative entrepreneurial career launched in 2012 with The Apartment, a creative hub for digital creators to foster brand relationships. Today her ventures have grown into a digital and creative agency, event production and design, a contemporary lifestyle brand, and an interior design studio. She is a model for what millennials, African women, and plus-size women can achieve in any industry.


You may be wondering how Abisola Omole, or Abimarvel as her fans know her, juggles her various ventures. In this episode, Abi reflects on how her career has evolved. Learn about starting The Apartment while a student at the University of the Arts in London and how it grew over time. She speaks about finding people to help grow the venture. Hear how the power of reflection has influenced where she is at in her career today.

Abi and Zeze also speak to the influencer’s role and how that role is evolving in the digital landscape. As a blogger since 2008, Abi’s worked with and around influencers since their earliest days.

The episode ends discussing Abi’s work creating a respected high-fashion platform for the plus-size market. Abi recently joined the Harper’s Bazaar US team as its first plus-sized fashion columnist.

Highlights of the episode:

  • 10:17: The process of moving from a concept to creating a community
  • 15:00: How The Apartment was able to grow over time
  • 22:16: Reflecting on how far her career has come; Abi’s youth belies success as she has been in her industry over fifteen years
  • 24:30: The role of the influencer and monetizing their work
  • 29:22: How Abi’s creativity and inspirations are constantly evolving, and an ability to edit
  • 37:03: Abisola Omole on using the platform she’s built to amplify her voice
  • 44:00: The theme of all Abi’s work is creating things that are affordable and inclusive but feels exclusive and luxury
  • 50:04: How the influencer trend is evolving from personal brand to business

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