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Hi, I’m Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao, your host of Third Culture Africans Podcast.

I have spent the last 10 years working on what is now Africa’s first global fragrance and body care brand. A business I conceived on my bed while jobless and started off running on my dining table with a notepad, an email signature and a lot of curiosity.

I created Malée because I thought why not? Why can’t a young black African girl be the next L’oreal or Estee Lauder?

In the last year after becoming a mother following a decade of unprecedented career success and some failures that I survived. I decided I could offer more to our community.

To inspire and share stories of people that look like me in the hopes of documenting and celebrating our success. Most importantly, to demystify how global success happens in our communities as Africans.

I found myself with access to this eco system of African artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, game changers and those shifting the needle on our culture.

Hear answers to your questions on success, well-being, purpose, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Every Monday starting February 10th, join me as I sit down with culture changers, industry disruptors to learn about their journeys. The challenges and obstacles they have overcome to achieve their success and living with purpose.

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