Ayo Adeyinka: From Accountant to African Art Specialist

About Ayo Adeyinka

Ayo Adeyinka is the founder of TAFETA galleries. Today Ayo is a recognized specialist in modern and contemporary African arts, but he started in the financial world. Dive into Ayo’s early years and influences to hear his journey from accounting to art consulting and founding TAFETA.

About the episode

The discussion turns to Africa’s rich cultural history as a launching point for contemporary and modern artists. They tackle what it means to be a third culture African and how Africans around the globe are reconnecting with their roots.

Additionally, Ayo and Zeze discuss the work behind growing and running a thriving brand. What does putting the customer first mean in their business? Learn why TAFETA values building communities and relationships.

Highlights of the episode

  • What is a Third Culture African? Understanding and appreciating that we have diverse cultures – 7:19
  • Creating businesses with a purpose and serving the customer – 11:41
  • Ayo’s early life and handling the financial responsibilities of starting a business – 13:35
  • Staying mobile for success. Why having a funded business builds confidence with investors and viewing art as an investment – 31:19
  • Enjoying the modern era of African art and the documenting of traditional culture; Africans across the globe reconnecting with their roots – 37:26
  • Finding leaders that look like you in all fields for inspiration and mentorship – 43:31

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