Tara Gbolade on Using Architecture to Building Communities for All

Tara Gbolade makes ordinary places extraordinary. Founder of Gbolade Design Studios, she focuses on the community when designing her spaces. As a result, she’s a 2018 RIBA Rising Star Winner and has been tapped to work on council housing projects.

Community First

Zeze and Tara Gbolade discuss her journey from Nigeria to the UK and her boarding school experiences. Hear about her early career in architecture and what inspired her to start her business. Surrounding herself with the right people spurred her growth.

Her Nigerian roots influence how she views UK spaces. Tara believes in the importance of place-making and the sense of identity that comes with a home. She explains why she thinks about creating social connections when designing spaces. Lastly, she talks about overcoming challenges in launching a new business venture.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • 00:00-2:28: Introduction and welcome of Tara Gbolade, a 2018 RIBA Rising Star Winner and founder Gbolade Design Studios
  • 2:28-4:12: How they met and correct name pronunciation
  • 4:12-6:00 Knowing early on what career she wanted and African parent expectations
  • 6:01-7:02: Getting real advice before starting a business
  • 7:02-11:44: Early career in architecture and the impetus to launch her business
  • 12:02-15:21: Experiences in independence and boarding school away from home
  • 16:14-18:17: Surrounding yourself with people consistently driven to create and grow
  • 18:17-19:40: Architecture as place-making and bridging the gap between people
  • 20:38-22:02: Differences between the UK and Nigerian lifestyles and design
  • 22:02-23:43: What has been most challenging in launching her new business
  • 23:43-24:32: Connecting with Tara Gbolade

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