Aduke Onafowokan, Finding Opportunities in Diversity Challenges


Meet Aduke Onafowokan, a lead associate at Inclusivitii and Founder of The Sister Sister Network. She is passionate about corporate social responsibility and teaching others. Professionally, she works to help leading companies develop and retain talented people while creating inclusive, diverse, and effective teams. With The Sister Sister Network, she helps empower women to tap into their natural abilities and become even more effective leaders.

Finding Opportunities in Diversity Challenges

It’s hard to miss the passion in a conversation with Aduke Onafowokan. A lifelong learner and natural educator, she speaks candidly about inclusivity and diversity in the workforce. Learn her approach to tackling diversity and inclusion in the workforce and how she guides corporations toward seizing opportunities.

She touches on how successful people need a village of support.  Aduke Onafowokan is a parent, and she understands the push and pull people feel to juggle their lives. She talks about the importance of emotional education and knowing your worth. Hear what inspired The Sister Sister Network and its growth.

Highlights of the episode:

  • 9:43: How she ended up with a law degree and discovering it wasn’t her passion; pursuing a PhD in corporate social responsibility
  • 13:39: Meeting her husband, deciding to take a break from school, discovering she liked contracting on project management
  • 19:05: About the Sister Sister Network, its inspiration, and how it grew from a small, once-a-year event to forums across the country.
  • 24:01: Re-evaluating her priorities with contracting and parenthood. Finding opportunities to speak about diversity and help other organizations become more inclusive.
  • 29:28: Moving into learning and development consulting around diversity and inclusion, how you can be a multilayered person.
  • 36:43: Why we need our village to be successful and battling our innate vulnerability
  • 42:51: What her work in diversity and inclusivity does for companies
  • 46:12: Helping identify the challenges and opportunities for inclusivity and diversity
  • 56:14: You need to be your own sponsor and know your worth

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