Rozan Ahmed , Activist and Visionary

About Rozan Ahmed

Rozan Ahmed is a visionary, humanitarian, writer, and much more. Throughout her life journey, she’s become a bold force for change. She advocates for the arts, a cultural ambassador, and exemplar of the African Renaissance. 

About this episode

Rozan Ahmed is a champion of finding your voice and living your authentic self. In this podcast, learn from Rozan’s journey as an immigrant refugee to a leading voice in the global African story. She talks about her experiences in Grime culture, moving onto the next medium, and the inspirations behind her various endeavors.

Ownership of the African Renaissance is something currently on Rozan’s radar. What does it mean to be an African today? How can Africans be a part of the conversation instead of having labels thrown our way? 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • 00:00: Introducing guest Rozan Ahmed
  • 4:19: The early journey of Rozan and “Grime” culture
  • 9:53: Diving into Rozan’s early background in Kuwait and the UK; visiting Sudan and its influence on her
  • 12:39: Bringing together her intersectional school of thought.
  • 14:42: Discussing how she found her way across different mediums
  • 17:15: Rozan finds her way to encouraging and championing local voices
  • 19:19: What does owning the African story really mean?
  • 20:55: Getting real about the financial aspect of what Rozan does
  • 24:16: Being a disruptor before “disruption” was a thing
  • 27:42: Choosing the service model over building wealth then sharing
  • 30:11: On the African Renaissance, which Rozan sees as an ongoing process
  • 35:01: Breaking away from labels and discovering your true self
  • 38:36: What entrepreneurship really means 
  • 40:24: Equalizing the global African movement
  • 44:11: The relationship between identity and economy
  • 45:36: Rozan’s proper name pronunciation
  • 46:44: Where to find Rozan and wrap up

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