Meet Afua Osei, the co-founder of Motherland Mogul Media which comprises of digital media platform She Leads Africa and the networking SLAY Festival. Her work reaches over 700,000 women across the world. Forbes Africa listed her as one of the youngest power women in Africa in 2014.


Afua Osei has an interesting backstory as someone born in the United States to immigrant parents who now lives in Nigeria. In this episode, she talks about the differences in her parents as immigrants and immigration today.

Listen to what inspired her evolution as someone passionate about Africa and women. Afua has a positive mindset rooted in faith. While her work as brought accolades, she believes in lifting up others and giving them space to shine.

Afua and Zeze also get real about what entrepreneurship means to your pocketbook. The successful entrepreneurs are motivated by purpose more than financial reward. Afua gives advice for someone starting a business and why you should enjoy the process.

Highlights of the episode:

  • What is She Leads Africa and its visions (4:17)
  • About the SLAY Festival and its community-building aspiration (6:44)
  • Afua’s early years and what influenced her evolution as someone passionate about Africa and women (8:46)
  • What Afua gained from attending business school and working with McKinsey Africa (17:04)
  • Afua on the value of letting other people shine and being helpful to others through mentoring (27:16)
  • Being real about being broke (33:08)
  • How Afua Osei found her purpose as an entrepreneur (37:14)
  • Afua’s advice for someone starting their business (40:09)

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