Balancing Motherhood and Career, Embracing Creativity & Breaking Cultural Norms with Chaneen Saliee

In this episode of Third Culture Africans, Zeze interviews Chaneen Saliee, known for her empowering journey as a mumfluencer. They talk about the importance of embracing one’s creative passions, being vulnerable in self-expression, and navigating the challenges of balancing motherhood with a successful career.

This chapter revolves around Chaneen’s courage to follow her creative path, her candidness in sharing her motherhood journey, and her determination to create an empowering and supportive community for women. The conversation highlights the significance of vulnerability in connecting with an audience and fostering self-acceptance while challenging societal norms and expectations.

Chaneen’s background reflects her diverse African heritage, with a Nigerian father and Rwandan mother, both raised in the UK. Despite facing cultural norms that may hinder creative pursuits, Chaneen fearlessly embraced her passion for writing from an early age and chose to study English literature and language at the university.

As she transitioned into motherhood, Chaneen discovered her unique voice as a mumfluencer, sharing her experiences through poetry, humor, and mesmerizing memes. Her journey into motherhood also served as a turning point for Chaneen to explore self-acceptance and healing from past experiences of racism and bullying, transforming her self-perception and embracing her beauty as a dark-skinned woman.

Saliee fearlessly lays bare the everyday ups and downs of motherhood, especially as a black mother in the predominantly white world of ‘mummy blogging.’ Through candid self-expression, she found catharsis and connection, sharing her heartfelt poems as Instagram captions and in her book “Solidarity.” Her vulnerability has become the cornerstone of her profound bond with her audience, uplifting and supporting others while fostering authenticity and meaningful connections through the power of self-expression.

As a mumfluencer, she actively promotes breastfeeding and normalizes it through her content. She seeks to dispel myths and encourage other black women to share their breastfeeding journeys, working to increase the low initiation rates and foster a supportive community.

Balancing her career as a content creator and motherhood has been a significant challenge for Chaneen. She faced the conflicts of allocating time between work and family. However, Saliee’s vulnerability and openness have been the pillars of her success. 

Chaneen’s work has been recognized and celebrated, although she acknowledges the misconception that being a content creator is easy. Behind her success lies hard work, vulnerability, and dedication to her craft.

Tune into this alluring episode with Chaneen. It will inspire you to pursue your passion wholeheartedly, no matter what. Chaneen’s path is a testament to how being vulnerable and open can lead you to success.

About Chaneen Saliee

Chaneen is a creator, writer, poet, artist, teacher, designer, a mother of two young girls, mental health advocate, an empowerment coach and breastfeeding advocate.

She runs a business designing and selling breastfeeding clothes called Chic and Discreet, is an award-winning parent blogger and influencer that has been ranked ‘No 1 Mum Influencer 2020’ in Mother & Baby magazine and has been featured in Vogue twice with beautiful, artful images of her breastfeeding.

Besides, Saliee is a social media personality also known as a mumfluencer. Her Instagram feed, where she initially rose to fame, is a refreshingly personal diary that dispels any notion of parenthood as an idealised experience. It documents the complex mix of insecurities, worries and joys that make up motherhood using longform, poetic captions and a visual feed expertly curated. 


  • 🎙️ Welcome Chaneen Saliee to Third Culture Africans!: (00:00)
  • 🌟 Chaneen Saliee: Embracing Creativity Amidst Cultural Norms (02:32)
  • 🎓 Pivotal Moment: Encouragement to Go to Follow her dreams and Go to University (05:07)
  • ✨ Chaneen’s Turning Point: Transforming Poetry and Prose into a Book (06:53)
  • 🌌 Unraveling Identity through Art: Saliee’s Journey of Connection (09:27)
  • 🌈 The Healing Power of Helping Others: Saliee’s Cathartic Journey (12:29) 
  • 👀 Dealing with People’s Perceptions on social media (14:20)
  • 🌺 From Undesirable to Desirable: Embracing Beauty and Identity in a Shifting Society (18:30 )
  • 🤱 Empowering Breastfeeding: Advocating for Change and Empowering Black Mothers (26:05)
  • 📸 Celebrating Artful Vulnerability: Capturing Beauty and Culture Through Candidness (33:14)
  • 🎨 From Passion to Profession: Chaneen as an Artist (38:37)
  • 🚀 Navigating Prescriptions and Choices: What Chaneen “Should” Do vs. What She “Chooses” to Do (40:27)
  • 🎯 Chaneen’s Biggest Challenge: Finding a balance between career and Motherhood  (41:58)
  • 🚫 Busting Myths about Content Creation (43:39)
  • 🏆 Navigating Success: Chaneen’s Perspective (44:44)
  • 🗝️ Vulnerability: A Key Aspect of Chaneen (45:55)
  • 🌌 Midnight Ponderings: What Keeps Chaneen Up at Night (46:21) 
  • 💭 Chaneen’s Reflections on What She Wished She Knew (47:39)
  • ❤️ Passion Unveiled: Chaneen’s Favorite Aspect of Her Journey (48:35) 
  • 💎 Gems of Wisdom: The Best Mentor Advice According to Chaneen (48:46) 
  • 🎉 Mastering Mumfluencing: Tips from a Successful Influencer (49:10)
  • 💡  Advice for Creative Parents: Starting a Career with Kids (50:24)

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