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In spirit of love, we wanted to share some love stories about people and their jobs that we have come across online!

I’m an artist and have been so all my life, its not just a job its my life, its who want to be and who I am. I’m 74 and still get up at 5.30am in the summer and I sit down to paint by 6am. I love it, I’m fully content with my life and wouldn’t want to be anything else. I shall probably die at my drawing board, what a nice way to go.

Robert Cpok – Artist & illustrator, History of Art Lecturer, Art Director

I am now retired, but I loved my job. I was a special education teaching assistant (kind of a junior teacher-think nurse to a doctor) working with children 7–13 years old. I worked with severely handicapped kids, the ones who will never live on their own. Most were in diapers still, most were nonverbal, and lots were in wheelchairs. It’s a job you either love or hate. I taught those who could learn how to read and do math, and I loved and comforted those who were developmentally under two years old. Sadly, I’ve attended several funerals, as many of our children are medically fragile and do not live to adulthood . I am still friends with the families of children I had years ago. Parents knew that when their children were with me, they were loved, cared for, fed, helped, and taught. It was very satisfying.

Elizabeth Belden – Childbirth Activist, Special Ed Teaching Assistant, Baker

I love my job because pretty much it combines all my hobbies and interests. Because technology is changing so fast it affects everything and that really excites me because that means there’s always something new for me to learn everyday and that I constantly feel challenged.
I am intrigued by people and how people think, feel, and why they act or feel the way they do. I love being able to move, inspire, and influence people. It’s something I aspired to do since I was little – I want people to be more excited and passionate about life.
And my job just allows me to do that on a bigger scale for a brand or product I love or believe in through creativity and technology, through the use of art, music, and entertainment. The outcome of my job essentially makes people smile, laugh, cry, share good moments with friends and family, and enjoy their lives more.
And that…makes me happy.

Mo Seetubtim – Founder & CEO of The Happiness Planner

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