Embracing Your Passion: Loving What You Do

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Welcome to Our Love of Work Community!

At Third Culture Africans, we believe in the power love has over succeeding in our business passions. That’s why this February we invite you to share your story on why you love what you do with our community!

As entrepreneurs, we know how hard it is to strive to succeed because know one else can love and have the passion for our business the way we do. So share a tale of the discovery and realisation of your passion for your business and how your successes and struggles have given you a renewed love of what you do. Share what impact this has had on your business and life.  

We will roll out these business love stories on our Instagram so you can showcase what our community holds in their heart. Let your narrative inspire, uplift, and resonate with others this Valentine’s season..

Guidelines for Submission
  • Length: Your story can be as short and sweet or as detailed as you wish.
  • Creativity: Feel free to include photos, mementos, or any other elements that bring your love story to life.
  • Privacy: We respect your privacy. You can choose to share your story anonymously or with your names and photos.

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