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How Do I Podcast ?

With nearly 2 million active podcasts on the airwaves, it seems that ‘How do I podcast?’ is the question on everyone’s lips at the moment. In this quick guide, we’ll take a look at how podcasting works and lay out the steps you need to get started with your own show.

How does podcasting work?

Broadly speaking, there are three phases that go into creating a podcast:

  1. Recording your episodes
  2. Uploading your show onto your chosen podcast host
  3. Submitting episodes to directories to enable listeners to find them

While each of these could have volumes written about them, we won’t go into details here. Although it is a great idea to research the types of equipment you need to get started[NF1] , as well as how to set yourself up on platforms like Spotify[NF2]  or Apple Podcasts.

Simple steps to get started with podcasting

1. Figure out what you’re doing and who it’s for

The secret to success with any podcast is proper planning. It’s essential to know the answers to two questions:

  1. What’s your podcast for?
  2. Who’s your audience?

Both of these questions will guide show, helping you to identify topics to talk about and how you approach those topics. When it comes to figuring out who your audience is, it’s often beneficial to create an audience persona that can guide you when you need to figure out if your audience would want to listen to a particular episode.

2. Give yourself a name – and a format

When you’re thinking of a name, it’s usually best to stick with something that is descriptive and informative. This will ensure that your show is searchable and may see it popping up when listeners are searching around your topic – which is a great way to attract more ears.

Choosing a format can be another tricky undertaking. A great format is one of the elements that’s most likely to hook your audience, keep them listening and make them come back for more. And with only 35% of podcast listeners regularly making it to the end of an episode, it’s important that you get it right.

3. Start recording

Probably the most fun you’re going to have when you get going is to start recording your podcast. And if you’ve paid attention to the details set out in the two steps above, you’ll likely have set yourself up for success.

Now, it’s time to get your equipment together, set up your recording station and start sharing your voice with the world. Before you sit down, though, you’ll want to work out a script. This doesn’t need to be a word-for-word dialogue, but having an idea of what you’re going to say as well as when you’re going to say it will save you editing out a lot of ‘ums’ and ‘uhs’ later on.


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