Tiwa Works, The Power of Black Fraternities and Sororities


Tiwa Works’ positivity has buoyed him into becoming a world-class entrepreneur and leader. An entrepreneur, real estate agent, and motivator, he founded Tiwaworks International, which annually hosts the United States’ largest black Greek letter event, the Atlanta Greek Picnic. It draws over 25,000 people to Atlanta with a $7.5-million impact.

Creating a Multi-Million Dollar Event

Nigerian-British born Tiwa Williams, known better as Tiwa Works, was raised in a family of entrepreneurs. Tiwa makes friends everywhere he goes; his infectious optimism is at the root of his multiple successful business ventures. The most notable is the Atlanta Greek Picnic. Hear how this multi-million-dollar event came about and its legacy.

Tiwa covers a lot of ground in this podcast, with insights on everything from the power of black fraternities and sororities to having the American experience. He speaks about systemic racism, the riots in Atlanta, and fostering the necessary change. He touches on his influences: his parents, Jim Rohn, and others. Learn why you always need to be looking for opportunities and the importance of networking to grow your business.

Highlights of the episode:

  • 5:03: What it was like adjusting to the different cultures; some “Coming to America” moments
  • 18:52: Getting into fraternity life and how it created the foundation for Tiwa Works
  • 35:38: The seed for Atlanta Greek Picnic
  • 45:21: Why he started in real estate ahead of the Great Recession of 2007; seizing the opportunity
  • 50:30: What entrepreneurship looks like for Tiwa Works
  • 57:49: Witnessing the frustration of people after George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement in Atlanta
  • 1:02:13: About how the Greek Picnic was already a voice of protest; the implications of the BLM and George Floyd at next year’s event
  • 1:04:27: What else can be done to combat racism as African-led brands build and grow across the globe?

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