Misan Harriman, The Mastermind Behind the Digital Platform What We Seee

Misan Harriman, a jack of all trades. Currently gaining attention for his photojournalism, he’s captured images of high-profile celebrities such as Princess Beatrice’s engagement photos. But he’s more complex than an eye behind a lens.

Misan’s excelled in various industries:

He is a content curator, consultant, social strategist, and more. He’s made waves in digital publishing and social media as the founder of What We Seee, a platform of curated, inspirational stories from an array of voices.

Misan Harriman breaks down his roots, starting with boarding school and dropping out of university. He works through what he learned as a club promoter, his experiences as a headhunter pre-recession, and moving into the digital publishing landscape. Misan discusses the importance of authenticity and how we’ve lost track of the power of the internet.

Misan sees his platform as a way to elevate the promise of the human conditions. He doesn’t shy away from activism or invoking cultural conversations. They briefly touch on the pressures of cultural heritage, the role of privilege, and giving opportunities to others to excel.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • 00:00: Welcome and introduction of Misan Harriman
  • 3:03: How Misan and Zeze first met around 2007
  • 6:463: Recounting Misan’s early days after dropping out of university running club promo nights
  • 9:14: Work as a headhunter before the 2008 recession
  • 11:12-12:46: The oil business in Nigeria and time with Nokero
  • 12:47: Their parents and the opportunities they had when they moved back to Nigeria
  • 14:32: Being sent to boarding school and experiences there
  • 18:05: Evolving into the digital publishing landscaping
  • 22:13:  Technology’s power, the arrogance of youth, and recognizing privilege
  • 25:39: Publishing with empathy and a human algorithm
  • 30:28: You never know the impact sharing your story makes
  • 32:45: Using What We Seee as a platform for activism and content that matters
  • 36:28: Misan’s correct name pronunciation
  • 38:00: Misan’s natural icebreaker tendencies and a few dating tricks
  • 42:07: Celebrities he’s photographed and his starstruck fanboy moment
  • 44:51: Photojournalism around the world and his Saudi Arabia experience
  • 46:34: How to find Misan and What We Seee
  • 47:29: His experience as a father and how having a child educated him more about women’s issues
  • 50:01: Tapping into your empathy engine and living an authentic life
  • 55:40: You have to grow and carefully choose what you put into your mind
  • 58:27: Episode wrap-up

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