Ifeanyi Oganwu, Architect & Designer

Ifeanyi Oganwu is the founder of Expand Design Ltd, a London-based studio with a unique take on architecture and furniture design. His work fuses craftsmanship and digital technology inspired by the world around him.

Now celebrating ten years, Ifeanyi Oganwu offers insights into his design process. They cover his background, influences, and unique approach to materials. While we view his work aesthetically, Ifeanyi has a more mathematical and formal way of discussing his work. He sees himself as separate from what he produces.

Learn where Ifeanyi has been and where the next ten years will take him!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • 00:00: Welcome and introductions to Ifeanyi Oganwu
  • 1:27: Discussing why Ifeanyi started Expand Design, his futurist creations, and celebrating craftsmanship
  • 5:24: Ifeanyi’s thought process behind designing and sustainability
  • 10:23: Having a “hands off” approach in his work
  • 12:43: How long the process takes and working through roadblocks
  • 13:45: Separating himself from the work and its accolades
  • 16:24: What Expand Design means and the influences of his travels
  • 18:56: Ifeanyi’s background, moving from Nigeria to Chicago for university
  • 21:45: Being experimental in his childhood
  • 23:47: Early artistic influences from Benin
  • 26:17: The “maths” in life; how mathematics plays a role in design
  • 27:31: Not really caring about who’s bought his work and a pinch-me moment
  • 29:57: Making the decision to start his business and what’s next
  • 32:53: Advice for those considering exploring materials and design
  • 33:56: Where to find Ifeanyi Oganwu’s work in the real world and digitally
  • 37:40: The correct pronunciation of his name
  • 39:19: Thanks and wrap-up

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