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Efe Edmund Olotu is the CEO of TechAdvance, a fintech infrastructure company that provides platforms to enable transaction processing and payment collection, aggregation, and reconciliation. He is a cutting-edge fintech entrepreneur, having been a founding investor and CEO of other companies like biotech company Novira Therapeutics, Nigeria’s G-Pay Instant Payments, and SuperGeeks Services and Solutions.  He has dedicated the last decade to advancing technological solutions for businesses in Africa. The United Nations named Efe one of the 100 Most Influential People of African descent.

ABOUT “Invest In What You Care About”

Listen to Efe Edmund Olotu’s entrepreneurial journey, and the importance of learning, pivoting, and solving problems come to the forefront. Over the decades, his passion for providing solutions has led him to be a leading African entrepreneur. He’s learned from his incredible successes and failures and shares some lessons. Efe hasn’t been afraid to step back to gain experience or change his mind about something.

Hear about some of the challenges facing young African entrepreneurs in raising capital and building an investment infrastructure. He touches on how COVID-19 has exposed business gaps and the need for entrepreneurs to take advantage of them. Finally, hear about Efe’s interesting side hobbies and overcoming his fear of the water.

Highlights of the episode:

  • 04:07: Efe Olotu is a pajama CEO
  • 14:40: Reflecting on his first startup and the challenges when getting started
  • 20:30: Learning about entrepreneurship living in Lagos; the start of SuperGeeks and figuring out how to solve distribution problems
  • 29:30: What COVID-19 has meant for his business and gaps it has exposed
  • 32:55: Are there opportunities for young African entrepreneurs? Speaking about investing in African businesses and building a venture capital structure.
  • 42:28: The importance of evolving and changing your mind as an entrepreneur
  • 45:06: The Glenfiddich campaign and conquering his fear of the water

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