Arieta Mujay, The Influencer Behind the Influencers


Arieta Mujay is a marketing and communications expert who has worked with brands across the globe. In her continuously evolving career, she’s styled celebrity photoshoots, collaborated with globally renowned artists, founded an agency, contributed to Cosmopolitan Online, and worked for a United Nations incentive.


Behind every famous person, every movement, every cultural shift, there are the people you see. Then there are the influencers you don’t know, but should. Arieta Mujay is a stylist, PR chameleon, and communications guru who has been a pivotal player behind the shifting culture in and about the African community for the last decade. Today’s podcast details her journey from university student to someone who’s worked with people like Kelly Osbourne, Rihanna, and Kelis.

Hear firsthand about how hard work and hustle will take you places. Arieta’s career started by embracing opportunities and being willing to keep learning. Each job and side hustle led to something else, sometimes bigger and more life-changing than before.

She talks about the incredible experience partnering with Rihanna. She also touches on her take on life as a Third Culture African, and how our culture has shifted over these two decades to include more of our voices.

Highlights of the episode:

  • An early role model and looking for African names in the industry. Learning to be herself. (6:51)
  • How she transitioned from business degree to stylist (10:46)
  • Starting on the Visual Merchandising Team; her career connects her with stylists and a fashion editor for the Daily Mirror (21:20)
  • The partnership with Rihanna and River Island (28:12)
  • About her Boohoo time and working with some smart people; learning the power of the influencer while breaking the internet in Nigeria (41:27)
  • A frank conversation about being a Third Culture African and being the foundations for what is happening in the industry now (53:40)

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