Adebola Williams, Giving Life to Your Voice


Some call Adebola Williams the man who helped elect three African Presidents. As the CEO and co-founder of Red Africa, a portfolio of youth media brands which includes Statecraft Inc and YNaija, Williams is in the business of nation-building.


One thing clear after listening to Adebola Williams is a deep-rooted passion for uplifting others. Always the kid concerned about other people, he recognized the power of our voice early on. His relentless drive to find ways to share his voice and help others amplify themselves led him across careers.

Hear from Adebola firsthand about why the focus should always be on the people. He has a true passion for reaching young people and speaking to them using different platforms. Through the conversation, he shares the importance of pursuing what you care about with courage and putting yourself where you want to be.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Speaking to Adebola’s superpower to bring attention to African causes and lift people out of inequality (3:45)
  • About an inborn passion for helping and encouraging others using his voice (16:11)
  • How hanging around the media and building a presence led to becoming a TV presenter, and then a producer (27:48)
  • His goal to create platforms that reach and convene young people; speaking about the turmoil and march in Abuja in 2010 and motivating the young people to turn out (30:46)
  • His advice for young entrepreneurs and people starting out (37:15)
  • Talking about his iconic uniform and why he chooses to wear it (41:25)

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