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5 Measures for Business Success

Business success is a broad term and might mean something different to everyone. Perhaps it’s about the profits, maybe it’s about how inspired you feel and how you inspire others, maybe it’s loving what you do or making a big change in the world. More often than not, it’s a little bit of everything. However, regardless of how you define success, there are 5 essential measures that can support your path towards business success.

  1. Put in the Work

Famed self-help Author Napoleon Hill once shared “some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.” Never underestimate the power of consistent daily input and effort. As they say, sometimes slow and steady really does win the race. By putting in consistent effort and work, you pave the way for a successful business and ultimately get a lot of things checked off that to-do list. Added to this is the fact that such consistency will also carve out space for you to fill your life with other things, be it family, friends, hobbies or more. Undeniably, a well-rounded life leads to greater personal and business success.

  1. Keep a Clear Vision

Your vision is the heart of your business and guides everything that you do. Ultimately, your vision underpins everything from what you do to how you do it. It is thus imperative to be clear about what that vision is. Take time to think about your core values and the ‘why’ of your business. As entrepreneur Matthew Torren writes, “your vision is your foundation, compass and celestial beacon, lighting the way forward.” As such, it’s essential that you know what your vision is and believe in it fiercely.

  1. Reinvent Yourself Often and Try New Things

Part of being successful in business is about keeping your finger on the pulse and trying new things. By embracing change, your business will retain relevancy and you will be up to date with the latest trends and innovations in your industry. Added to this are the benefits of trying new things. When we try new things, we enhance our worldview, broaden our knowledge, and find parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed. In turn, this newfound knowledge can be utilised within your business and lead to greater success.

  1. Learn from Your Failures

James Joyce once wrote that “mistakes are the portals of discovery.” Contrary to popular belief, mistakes in business can be some of our greatest teachers if we use them as a catalyst for change. By reflecting on what hasn’t worked, we create room for what can work.

  1. Have Some Fun!

Perhaps most important of all, is to have some fun. Naturally, a positive outlook and attitude – along with the ability to have a good laugh – will reduce stress, boost serotonin, and inspire those around you. Undeniably, life can be stressful, and work can be tough, however having some fun along the way will inspire those around you and after all, what is the point if you aren’t having a little bit of fun?


Thus, business success requires hard and consistent work, flexibility and adaptability, and a crystal-clear vision. Following these 5 measures is bound to help you on your journey to success.

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