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7 Ways To Use A Podcast For An Entrepreneur

Why podcasts for an entrepreneur are so important

Entrepreneurs love podcasts as they are versatile, interesting. Furthermore, it is so easy to listen to. Whether you’re commuting to and from work, or at any other time of day when you have a free moment. As a matter of fact, podcasting has become the way to get your message across. Moreover it become known in your particular field, and this makes a podcast very important for an entrepreneur. Already, since Covid-19 set the world in turmoil. There are approximately more than 2 million podcasts with over 48 million episodes available in April 2021. And these figures are climbing every single day.

Take a moment to think about these latest statistics. For instance, Podcast listeners are much more active on every social media channel (94% are active on at least one – versus 81% for the entire population). And why do people listen to podcasts? It’s because they want to learn new things, according to a study done by Statistica in 2019. In fact, the study showed that almost 3 out of every 4 people who listened to podcasts in the US did so to learn something new. Also, people listen to podcasts to be entertained and use podcasts as a form of news and inspiration.

So that’s why using a podcast for an entrepreneur is so important. Indeed, 54% of the millions of people who do listen to podcasts have also been found to consider buying from a brand after hearing about it on a podcast. Whilst making people aware of your brand through a podcast. It is a great idea for an entrepreneur, there’s more. You need to promote your podcast so that more and more people can find out about it. Once your podcast becomes well-known, listeners will also tend to follow your brand or business on social media sites. This may be a less conventional method of marketing for an entrepreneur, but it’s proving to be exceptionally successful. So read on…

7 easy ways to use a podcast for an entrepreneur

  1. The first way for an entrepreneur to use a podcast. To create what is the most successful form of internet marketing available right now

For one thing, content marketing is the way forward for brands. Equally important, podcasts are a form of content marketing that work particularly well in 2021. It enables entrepreneurs to create and promote relevant online content that attracts and engages their target market. Indeed, an article on Oberlo.com discusses 7 of the most important types of internet marketing. podcasts are “an excellent way to develop an intimate connection with listeners and potential customers. They’re hearing you speak, one on one, with helps to humanise your relationship in a way that written content can’t”.

  • The 2nd way for an entrepreneur to use a podcast: Thisunique method of  engaging your content works to build your brand with your audience

Not only is a podcast different from other content marketing strategies; it also enables entrepreneurs to build up an excellent reputation and position themselves as an authority in their particular field. You’ll see that podcasts are found on iTunes and Spotify, and can also be hosted on websites. In fact, they are an effective and dynamic marketing tool that is trending right now. The ideal method to develop your daily dose of inspiration about your business or brand.

  • The third way for an entrepreneur to use a podcast: To promote your brand via an audio broadcast that is affordable and doesn’t require a lot of savvy to create

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, entitled 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Podcast, all you need to start a podcast is a microphone and pay a hosting fee of less than $25 per month. Alternatively, you can hire an expert to put your podcast together for you which will cost you a little more. To be sure, promoting your brand in this way enables you to reach exactly the target audience you want. Moreover, to show them your expertise. In fact, podcasts have been called the best education platform available, the article says.

  • The fourth way for an entrepreneur to use a podcast: To use it to make money

The extremely successful podcast Onward Nation, was created by CEO of Predictive ROI Stephen Woessner. It has garnered millions of dollars in revenue. That’s because it offers listeners valuable digital marketing insights. Furthermore, it is the perfect educational tool for entrepreneurs. Showing them how to make their company or brand more successful by selling with authority. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, this popular podcast enables business owners to share their success stories on various episodes. In addition, it provides tactical strategies to those starting out that will guarantee them great results.

  • The fifth way for an entrepreneur to use a podcast. To reach a large number of prospects all at the same time

Instead of having a one-on-one communication each time you want to make an impression on a potential customer, you can use a podcast. As it reaches a vast number of people at the same time. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, in an article entitled Podcast Marketing Guide for 2021, reaching your target audience involves promoting your podcast. By generating interest on different forms of Social Media. Obviously, you need to know who exactly your target market is. Where to find them? Then you have to engage this audience on those Social Media platforms. See their blog on How to Find your Target Audience on Social Media that they frequent the most. By the way, teaser videos on Instagram and Facebook work particularly well.

  • The sixth way for an entrepreneur to use a podcast. To use your podcast content in various different forms on Social Media

One great thing about Social Media is that entrepreneurs can cross-pollinate and use the same content in various different ways to get their brand message across. Sure, podcasts are the way forward, but creating a hype about them and letting different audiences appreciate their value goes a long way towards success. Not only are you using your podcasts effectively to reach different audiences on different platforms, you are also promoting your podcast at the same time. So, each time you create a new episode, it’s a good idea to repurpose the content in different ways so that you can use it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, even Pinterest.

n fact, you can create a blog post on each new podcast episode, use infographics to educate on your website, teasers that offer newsworthy quotes and titbits… You can even turn a podcast into a YouTube video, if you wish. So take a look at the article Podcast Marketing Guide for 2021, for some more innovative ideas.

  • The seventh way for an entrepreneur to use a podcast: To offer valuable insight to your target audience

Website AllBusiness.com offers information about the value of podcasts in an article by renowned business author Gerri Detweiler entitled 10 Business Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Be Tuning In To. The author discusses how podcasts can be valuable when used by entrepreneurs to help grow their business, particularly those starting out and small businesses. Indeed, those podcasts “offer insights from experts, including experienced entrepreneurs”. Also, the article offers a list of podcasts to listen to that specifically concentrate on the problems and challenges faced by small business owners. Another value that podcasts have over blogs, according to William Gadea, founder and Creative Director of Idea Rocket, a company that creates animated videos for businesses, is that “There’s a probative value – and a human interest –  in hearing the message from a human voice.”


An article published on the Entrepreneur website entitled 7 Reasons to Add a Podcast to Your Content-Marketing Strategy suggests why podcasts have become the ideal content marketing tool for entrepreneurs. A podcast is “a sound plan that ensures your target market will find you when they start looking for answers”. The reason? Firstly it’s convenient to listen to. Also, it’s enriching, has a very wide reach (“platforms like iTunes and Stitcher expose your podcast to thousands of potential listeners   for free”) and it offers the ideal forum where you can interview experts in your industry. Also, a podcast helps an entrepreneur stand out from the crowd and builds trust with his or her target audience.


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