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Female Entrepreneur Podcast Tips

Why female entrepreneur podcasts are a great idea

Fact:36% of small business owners are women

In fact, that 36% of female entrepreneurs worldwide in the statistic dominate the beauty, health and fitness industries. Also, they run restaurants, retail stores, companies related to education and business services. And, most importantly, 60% of these female entrepreneurs started their businesses from scratch.

Running a business was hard before Covid-19. It puts an incredible financial strain on big businesses and small business entrepreneurs. You can double the difficulty now. And if you’re a female entrepreneur, you will find it even harder. Furthermore, it’s likely that you’re juggling working from home. Along with home-schooling the kids or looking after them when they’re on holiday. Now, adding the extra strain of teaching your kids to an already heavy workload can create immense pressure. But there is an answer… listen to a relevant podcast or two! Let us fill you in…

Some valuable advice from the experts

Fact: In the last 20 years, the number of companies owned by women has increased by 100%

However, despite there being such a glut of innovative female entrepreneurs. They really do have it harder than their male counterparts. In addition, not only because they are expected to fulfil the roles of housewife and mother, too. According to an article on the Forbes Magazine website entitled The Best Podcasts For Female Entrepreneurs, listening to business experts on podcasts will keep you informed, motivated and at the top of your game.

Indeed, working remotely thanks to the pandemic may have its downfalls. Just like having no support system or business network at hand, making it even harder for female entrepreneurs. But this is the reason that podcasts are so important to mentor female entrepreneurs and give them better opportunities to succeed.

Indeed, female entrepreneur podcast assists in supporting the businesswoman. As well as helping her find and keeping a good client base. Now, podcasts are often informal, but the mentorship and advice they provide is immeasurable. You see, having successful business entrepreneurs on tap via a podcast is easily accessible to all. Moreover, female entrepreneurs could do worse than take the time to listen. More, they take heed of some of this invaluable advice.

Female entrepreneur podcast tips

* Don’t be afraid to take the lead

One of the podcasts recommended in the Forbes article mentioned above is entitled Women Taking The Lead. It is hosted by renowned business coach Jodi Flynn. In addition, it includes interviews with various female entrepreneurs as well as coaching from Jodi herself. The podcast episodes cover a wide range of subjects. It also, offers advice to female entrepreneurs that is sound, invaluable and practical. It’s well worth a listen.

* Strategise – and study

Another relevant podcast, entitled The Strategy Hour Podcast. It offers excellent advice from two female entrepreneurs, Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams from Think Tank Collective. Indeed,  it is an insightful tool that goes one further than just being a podcast. There are courses you can take too. These are for female entrepreneurs to learn how to start and grow a business and make it successful.

* Use female entrepreneur podcast for personal development

Sometimes, we just need assurance that we’re on the right track. Also, the overwhelming amount of business podcasts out there make it difficult to find what we’re really looking for. So narrow down your search by looking for female entrepreneur podcasts. There is a wide selection in itself that offers advice and insight from female CEOs, experts, coaches, authors and other experts. Certainly, many of these female entrepreneur podcasts are designed to make you feel at home. Moreover, to make you feel relaxed and not at all like you’re in a schoolroom learning something academic albeit important.

* Don’t be afraid to become the boss

The highly successful website www.addicted2success.com offered a number of informative, relaxed podcasts. There, we found a few that resonated with us. One of these is Girlboss Radio, hosted by Puno. She interviews a trendsetting female entrepreneur each week to discuss both business and personal issues. Those issues are related to their journey to success.

In fact, these podcasts are informal and relaxed, and make the listener feel as if she is part of the conversation. And with more than 23 million downloads, you’ll understand why we thought we just had to mention this podcast to you. You’ll find that the advice covers every subject imaginable about how to succeed as a woman in a man’s world. So listen to one podcast episode and we promise you’ll be hooked!

* Who says ambition and glamour don’t go hand in hand?

Another firm female podcast favourite is Glambition Radio with Ali Brown. In fact, it’s won awards because it stands out from the crowd, offering insight from successful female trailblazers who think big, do things differently and are happy to share their ideas. Not only does successful mentor and entrepreneur in her own right, Ali Brown, constantly opposes the status quo in her interviews, she also choosesto speak to a variety of females who cover the spectrum from activists, financial fundi’s and fashion designers to everything in between. Indeed, this podcast is always different, always addictive and extremely informative. So, take the plunge and listen – you won’t be disappointed!


Fact: Women tend to feel less optimistic than men when it comes to their business performance 

Of course, there are hundreds of fascinating and rewarding female entrepreneur podcasts out there, just begging to be listened to, that will help you on your journey, even if your desk is your dining room table and the only company you have is the cat.And learning from other successful female entrepreneurs on podcasts is the ideal way to get the information and advice you need and give you that extra push towards success.

In fact, statistics have shown that women can succeed, despite not taking as many risks as male entrepreneurs do. Interestingly enough, it is for this very reason that investors see female entrepreneurs as better investments. So take heed while you’re listening to the wonderful selection of female entrepreneur podcast out there that will motivate you to succeed in a world that has changed. It’s a fact: all you need is the will to work hard, a little bit of support, knowledge and intuition, and you’ll find it in the wide variety of available female entrepreneur podcasts. So switch on, tune in – and reap the rewards!

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